Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Featured: Aurus' PhoneUP application bundle for Cisco UCM based enterprise IP telephony environment

Aurus' PhoneUp is an application bundle for enterprise IP telephony based on Cisco Unified Communications Manager. It enhances basic features of the enterprise communication network and improves Cisco UC user experience. Each module in the bundle provides additional features supplementing Cisco CallManager functionality. PhoneUP, according to Aurus, is already running on more than 100 thousand Cisco IP phones. You can read cases on its implementation in the «Clients» section of their site.
Aurus' PhoneUP UCM application bundle

Monday, September 29, 2014

More CCIE Collaboration VoD free samples from iPexpert

Following the release of the new generation of the CCIE Collaboration VoD a couple of weeks ago, iPexpert decided to give us some more free videos samples to watch.
The first one talks about Presence and Federation feature while the second one describes SIP using a CUBE on a basic topology.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

iPexpert released CCIE Collaboration VOD samples

iPexpert released some free CCIE Collaboration VOD samples from their new series. The first one is talking about technologies in more generic way and the second one about basic CUBE configuration. These samples along with other video content will be added to the Free Training section of the blog. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Training Vendors - Cisco Expert-Level Training for CCIE Collaboration first look

   I was searching through the documents and web pages of Cisco's Expert-Level Training for CCIE Collaboration program the other day. I was trying to find out if it's a solid option for preparation. I've heard a lot about the Cisco 360 learning program, good and bad things. But after browsing for a few minutes I was not convinced that I can trust it in any way to be honest.

Monday, August 11, 2014

CCIE Collaboration Lab Equipment and Software List (from

   This is another one from the The lab equipment and software list. This is what you'll find into the actual exam. From the first look it seems impossible to find the hardware and build a home lab. OK let say that installing the UCM, IM&P, UCCX and UC for all the sites of the topology is doable. Or buying some phone endpoints. The difficult part is  the ISRs with their hardware. It seems that Cisco push us to the direction of third party companies like INE, IP Experts or even Cisco 360. This is not a bad thing. You can rent their racks without loosing time building the backbone, cabling, put it all together, troubleshooting issues networking issues in general things that are irrelevant to your study for the CCIE Collaboration.
   But there are two downsides with the rented racks. a) Rack availability especially when the companies run 10-day bootcamps b) you don't have the freedom to schedule your whereabouts and study whenever you want. Costs in both cases are very high anyway. So there you go...